My Resolution For 2010 Plus Ideas On Making & Keeping Yours

No Resolutions 2010

After several years of resolution failure, this year I have decided on just one New Year’s Resolution: I’m making no resolutions.

That’s right, I’ve conceded defeat already and decided not to make any resolutions, as I’ve never managed to keep them before, so what’s going to be different this year?

Rather than seeing this as a defeatist attitude, I’m actually finding it to be quite refreshing – I’m not fretting over sticking to some rediculous diet, or more relevantly to this blog, tracking my spending meticulously to see where I can save money. I already know that I need to lose weight and save money, these are things that I always need to do, not just because the year has changed from 09 to 1o, and it doesn’t last just for January (or more likely, the first couple of weeks in January).

So this year, I have no resolutions, just an understanding that I need to keep doing the same stuff I’ve always tried to do.

This probably isn’t the best strategy for achieving goals, and if you have your own resolution and want some tips to help you achieve them, have a read of these tips at Monevator.

And here are some ideas for specific, achievable goals you may want to have a go at:

  • Build an emergency fund of £1,000.
  • Make a will.
  • Clear a credit card balance.
  • Find the cheapest gas / electricity supplier.
  • Freshen-up your CV for the great January job-hunt.
  • Start investing in a your company / a personal pension.

Some further reading:

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6 thoughts on “My Resolution For 2010 Plus Ideas On Making & Keeping Yours

  1. Rob, is this reverse psychology at work? You’ve resolved not to have any resolutions… so if you fail you’ll meet all those leftover ones you’d set? Cunning! :)

  2. You’re not the only one who has trouble with resolutions. I’m still waiting for my washboard abs to appear after years of setting that resolution!

    You need to strive improve every day, even just a little bit. Set an achievable goal and you will find that you can accomplish anything.

  3. I think only 12% of people succeed in achieving their new years resolutions. Most people tend to aim too high and set targets they have little chance of meeting. I think you’ve gone a little too far in the opposite direction though Rob!

    My new years resolution is to have a very profitable 2010 – There are lots of opportunities out there and this is going to be the year that I am going to seize them all ;)

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