Nationwide Website Breaks Again

The Register is reporting that Nationwide Building Society’s website was broken again today, the second time in two months.

Whilst the problem now seems to be sorted, during the outage Nationwide clients could only  login if they went straight to the login form, but once logged into the site they were unable to view their accounts.

A message on the site read:

We are currently experiencing problems with displaying account information and transactions. We are working hard to rectify this as soon as possible and would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Nationwide’s service availability web page shows no current problems, and there’s no further explanation of the problem.

The outage no doubt caused problems for those looking to make urgent transfers or check their balances. With this sort of issue it would be good to notify clients of the reason behind the outage, as many will worry that the site was hacked and their details compromised.

It’s more likely to have been a botched upgrade, but nevertheless some reassurance wouldn’t go amiss.

3 thoughts on “Nationwide Website Breaks Again

  1. Thats not good on the reputation of the bank. You would expect 99.9% up time for Banks, Nationwide should do something rather than just apologizing.

  2. I have recently been upgraded to the new online banking website and it is terrible. Painfully slow to load, and errors popping up all over the place.
    For example, a friend tried to register this evening for online banking, and after putting in all details, security information, etc, right at the end a box pops up saying…
    A problem has occurred
    Sorry, we’re unable to register you for Internet Banking at the moment.
    Please try again later.
    That just is not good enough!

    If you are already registered there is a quicker no-frills service available if you use their PDA Mobile phone banking site, which is here:
    It is lightning fast and cuts out all the clutter — and I mean ALL!
    You log in with your customer number (which you can save) your memorable data and your six-figure pass number (use all six figures).
    A few tips: Do not use the Back button (it logs you out), …and just about the only thing you cannot do is set up any new payees — you have do that via the main site or they will do it for you in a branch.
    But making payments etc is really easy. I am not sure if they are faster payments, as the system mentions “five working days”, but that might now be out of date. No card reader to fumble with!

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