Iris Recognition To Access Your Bank Account?

Chris Skinner at the Financial Services Club blog has taken a look at an innovative app for Spanish bank Bankinter, which uses an iPhone to scan customers’ irises, verifying their identity in order to access their brokerage accounts.

Bankinter iris recognition

Bankinter iris scanning

I’m not sure how easy this is to setup or how well it works in practice, but it’s probably not unrealistic to see this sort of thing being used to access online/mobile banking sites in the future.

It could potentially also provide a way of authenticating a login to online banking, perhaps we should let HSBC know about this technology, as it could provide an alternative to their not-s0-popular Secure Key widget.

5 thoughts on “Iris Recognition To Access Your Bank Account?

  1. An issue with both iris recognition and fingerprint technology is that it’s not 100% accurate. I played with the Motorola Atrix recently and the scanner couldn’t recognise me in 2 out of possibly dozen attempts. Not great. Having said that, technology is improving and innovation is always welcome!

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