New Calculator To Save Money On Delivery Costs


If you are buying or selling items on eBay or other online auction and classified websites, then uShip’s new delivery price calculator could be for you.

uShip’s new Delivery Price Calculator lets you get instant delivery prices for all sorts of different kinds of items that may be too bulky, big and heavy for the normal parcel or pallet networks from removal companies, man and van companies and specialized transporters. So with just a couple of clicks on the drop down menus, and the input of two postcodes, you could have an instant estimate of how much a delivery is likely to cost you.

The calculator covers all sorts of items, including car transport, motorcycle transport, even boat transportation. The Household goods category is particularly good for all those items bought and sold on eBay.

The calculator can be integrated into any website by simply copy and pasting a widget of code, so it’s perfect for online sellers who sell through their own websites.

The price estimate generated by the calculator are based on the tens of thousands of deliveries that have been matched in the UK on uShip, so they are based on real marketplace prices or similar items, on similar routes and distances, not simply a theoretical book rate, or discounted pence per mile rates.

And if your delivery needs are more complicated, perhaps cross border, or particularly specialized, then the uShip marketplace with its thousands of transporters will find quotes to you.

Here’s an example of the calculator, try it out and see what you think:

uShip will also soon be releasing a mobile app.

2 thoughts on “New Calculator To Save Money On Delivery Costs

  1. If you decide to use the shipping calculator, you will usually get your shipping costs correct, regardless of where in the US your package goes and you can add your handling (cost of packaging) fee to the calculator for both USPS and UPS. FedEx and UPS charge a high premium for shipping to AK, HI and as such we use the USPS for AK and HI. If you decide to put in a flat rate for shipping, we suggest you weigh your package and price your shipping to the farthest zip code from your location, that way you can not undersell your shipping and then use a separate flat rate for AK and HI. There are times when you must bite the bullet and pay more for shipping than you received from the customer due to your own mistakes or someone elses mistake not under your control. We strongly advise against asking the buyer to pay for the upcharge in shipping. Image is everything on eBay and to us, that seems cheap. We do not go back to our customers for shipping errors, we do what it takes to get the shipping costs correct the first time.

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