5 Tips For Selling On eBay

Over at This Is Money, they recently posted 5 tips for selling on eBay:

  1. If you accept credit card payments through PayPal, then you’re a shop – so you have to abide by the same rules as a normal shop. Under section 75 of the 1974 Consumer Credit Act, the credit card lender is jointly liable with the retailer for faulty purchases.
  2. Watch out for the taxman – regular eBay sellers earning a living without paying tax need to watch out – the Inland Revenue recently started to crack down on these earnings, and have bought in an extra £1million as a result.
  3. Be careful about what you sell – no human parts, credit cards or alcohol please.
  4. Be clear and comprehensive in your listings – don’t lie about the quality of your item.
  5. Sending out items – use Special Delivery with insurance to make sure your items arrive intact.

Useful eBay advice. Do you have any eBay buying or selling tips to add? If so, leave them in the coments below.

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