HaveYouSeen: Earn Commission For Sharing Product Links

HaveYouSeen… is a new website which is trying to give consumers a new method of earning cashback on products. Whereas traditional cashback sites give cashback to the purchaser, HaveYou Seen essentially turns its users into affiliates who get paid when somebody buys a product through links they share on social networks. They can also choose to pass some of the commission on to the buyer too.


Here’s how it works:

According to Traffic Junction, the affiliate company behind HaveYouSeen, the average payout when someone purchases a product, is £2.75, so your links will need to sell a few products before you reach the minimum £20 payout, which can be paid back to you via either PayPal or bank transfer.

HaveYouSeen is currently supported by over 1800 retailers, including Amazon, Argos, HMV and Play.com, meaning there’s a decent chance that you’ll find relevant products to link to.

Signing up is free (you must be 16 or over to take part, and you’ll only need to provide your email address, which is used to generate your unique links, so they can credit you with any sales) and as of writing, they’re currently offering a free £5 credit when you sign up.

The current social networks supported are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. HaveYouSeen provide a bookmark to help you generate new, unique links from within your browser.

We wouldn’t recommend filling your Facebook timeline or bombarding your Twitter followers with thousand of product links, as you’ll soon annoy them, but this could be used to provide some benefit for helping out if friends and family are after a recommendation for something they’re planning on buying. Just don’t expect it to make you rich quick.

One thought on “HaveYouSeen: Earn Commission For Sharing Product Links

  1. I’m not sure how well this will work – it will only be a matter of time until the likes of Quidco and TopCashBack offer a similar deal. They both already offer “recommend a friend” cashback.

    Let’s see how it plays out!

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