London To Host The Olympic Games

Slightly off topic, but London has quite surprisingly won the Olympics for 2012! Although I’m not a massive fan of the games, my main enjoyment from winning the games came from the fact that we stuffed the French, especially given the things that Jacques Chirac has been saying over the last few days.

Bringing things back around to money, I wonder what affects the Olympic games will have on the U.K. economy? Of course, us tax-payers will probably have to foot most of the bill, although it will undoubtedly bring a massive boost to certain areas (the arguments about hosting it in the north or south will continue to rage), both in development over the coming years and visitors during the games. I’ll also be interested to see how the markets react initially to this news; we’ve seen steady growth in the FTSE over the last couple of weeks, and hopefully this will give them another extra boost.

It also means we’ve got a few years to come up with some money-spinning ideas to make on the back of the games – I think the market for Union Jack flags will probably be pretty saturated, but has anybody got any other ideas? I’ve already tried a few domain name combinations to see if there are any left worth registering, no joy as yet though.

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