Natwest Mobile Banking Usage Stats

Natwest have revealed usage statistics for their mobile banking facilities.

Natwest iPhone app

The figures were revealed by Ben Green, Head of Mobile Retail at RBS, at the Apps World conference. According to their stats, they have 2 million mobile banking users, using it on average 26 times per month (which seems quite high, if I’ve understood the figures correctly). Sadly there’s no breakdown of how many of these are iPhone, Android or Blackberry users.

Although usage is fairly constant throughout the day, the most noticeable peak is 6.50am/6.55am (which sounds very early!).

Natwest also claim that internet banking has not yet been affected by mobile banking, with users on average still logging in 7 times per month online.

A few other stats were also revealed; over 21,500 “get cash” cardless withdrawals were made in September alone. They’ve also had 12,000 sign up for just 1,000 places on their NFC trial, with a success rate of 50% when making contactless payments.

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  1. Mobile banking has until recently (2010) most often been performed via SMS or the Mobile Web. Apple’s initial success with iPhone and the rapid growth of phones based on Google’s Android (operating system) have led to increasing use of special client programs, called apps, downloaded to the mobile device.

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