Redeemia: Smartphone App For Daily Deals

There are over 50 daily deal sites in the UK, Groupon, KGB Deals, Wowcher, and loads more. A new free smartphone app aims to take the hassle away from having to check through all daily deal emails in your inbox, allowing you to view all their offers in one place.

Redeemia filters these deals based on the things you like and sends you only the relevant deals direct to your smartphone and to your inbox in a single personalised e-mail per day.

This simple app allows you to choose the type of deals you’re interested in, based on products, services and even location, you will then be notified when relevant offers become available – only live deals are shown on your smartphone at any time.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android phones.

Redeemia’s key points:

  • Deals from Groupon, KGB Deals, Wowcher, and several others.
  • Browse through all deals by category and location.
  • Personalised deal notifications based on the things you like, so you only get told about offers you’re interested in.
  • Find all the deals nearby using Redeemia’s deal map .
  • De-clutter your inbox , so no more sifting through hundreds of e-mails to find the deals you want.
  • Keep track of deals you like. You can bookmark the deals you like so you can easily find them later.


Choose the categories of deals you’re interested in:

Redeemia Daily Deals App

Browse deals:

Redeemia Daily Deals App

View the details of a specific deal:

Redeemia Daily Deals App

Redeemia’s map of local deals:

Redeemia Daily Deals App

Change your settings:

Redeemia Daily Deals App

Have you tried the Redeemia app? Did it save you money? Let us know what you thought of it in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “Redeemia: Smartphone App For Daily Deals

  1. Thanks for the write up! Hope you guys at finance falcon like it! Would really appreciate your feedback too Lakhvir…we are still a work in progress and are signing up more partners every day…we want to become a tool for consumers to filter every single offer and voucher out there..we are still working on the user interface and any feedback you guys have will be appreciated!

  2. What a great little app! What would be great is if they also partnered with VoucherCloud and O2 Priority Moments – so you only need to ever open one app to get all the deals!

  3. Every site Redeemia is reviewed on says that its available for Android but its NOT and every link to it for android leads to a blank page

  4. I invented this!! admittedly after you guys, but I still came up with it and had it all planned out. Story of my life. Get in contact if you want to discuss any of my ideas, I have thought of some little things that you guys don’t have.

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