Cheaper Grocery Shopping With MySupermarket’s New App?

MySupermarket is set to launch a new desktop app that will help shoppers compare the cost of their grocery shopping regardless of which online supermarket they choose to shop at.


According to Marketing Week, the software will run in the background, and recognise web pages visited at the supermarkets it covers; ASDA, Tesco, Ocado, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.

Users won’t therefore have to use MySupermarket’s own website to do their grocery shopping, they can do their shopping as they normally would online, and it will notify them of the prices of the items they’re interested in at the other supermarkets, as well as offering cheaper alternatives.

The app is due to launch next week, with MySupermarket aiming to add another 1.5million users to the 3.5million that already use the site.

2 thoughts on “Cheaper Grocery Shopping With MySupermarket’s New App?

  1. Is it common to shop for groceries on line? I’m from a small town in the US, and I’ve never heard of anyone here shopping for groceries online. How does it work? Are the groceries delivered to your home? This sounds like it could be a big time saver, and if you save money too, that sounds fantastic!

  2. I’ve only shopped online once and I was disappointed. The supermarkets simply ship the produce which as about to go out of date. I workout a lot so buy a lot of meat, I need it to last at least a week in my fridge, it barely made it 2 when I bought online.

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