Motley Fool: My Favourite Student Bank Account

So you’re about to go to university and you’re hunting around for a good student bank account. If you can get to grips with your finances right from the start, you won’t regret it in future years, as I’m sure many, many debt-laden post-grads could tell you. The less debt you have when you finish, the faster you can pay it off and start saving that deposit for a house.

Motley Fool: Car Insurance Costs Set To Jump

The cost of car insurance looks set to increase significantly if insurers follow the hike in premiums just announced by Norwich Union. The largest car insurer in the country has decided to bump up prices by an average of 16% and by as much as 40% in the case of higher risk drivers such as young men with little driving experience under their belts.

Motley Fool: Your Home Is Not A Cash Machine!

In financial jargon, there is no shortage of TLAs (three-letter acronyms) — which, fittingly, is itself a TLA. For example, you have APR (annual percentage rate), CGT (capital gains tax), PPI (the dreaded payment protection insurance), TAR (total amount repayable) and many more. You’ll find more money language in my Jargon Buster and Devil’s Dictionary Of Money.