Bonfire Night Insurance Tips

I guess it’s kind of sad writing about the need for insurance on bonfire night, but you can’t be too careful about things like this these days, and bonfire night has been shown to be the second worst day for fire damage (next to Christmas day!) and the worst for damage to cars. If you […]

London Is #1 For ID Fraud

A new report on identity theft has shown that those living in the London area are most likely to be its victims. CIFAS, the UK’s fraud protection service, published a list of the worst 20 postcodes for ID fraud, of which 19 were within the M25, and the other was just outside in Maidenhead. The […]

Is It Christmas Already?

Slightly off topic, but is it just me, or has Christmas started far too early this year? I heard my first Christmas song of the year back on October 16th (on an advert for Argos I think), and already most big shops have got their Christmas displays up. I find the whole thing slightly nauseating, […]