Student Finance: Credit Cards

If there’s one financial product I’d suggested you try to avoid for as long as possible at university, it’s credit cards. Nothing can hurt your finances as much as a couple of grand sitting on your card steadily growing as the interest mounts up. Recent studies suggest that 43% of students have a credit card, […]

Test Your Personal Finance Knowledge

Last Saturday’s Telegraph newspaper included a personal finance quiz so that you could test your knowledge of some common finance issues. I was a little bit worried that I’d fail miserably, but thankfully I got 19/20, tripping up on question 13, about the amount of capital gains tax you are allowed each year (tax is […]

Student Loans: Pay or Delay?

Like many, I left university with some debt. I’m probably one of the lucky ones though, as it wasn’t a huge amount, compared with the average figures that students are accumulating these days, plus all of my debt was in student loans – no overdrafts, credit cards etc. I’ve been wondering recently whether I should […]