How Much Is Your Electricity Costing You Right Now?

If you’ve ever wondered how much the electricity you’re using in your home is costing you minute-by-minute then GoCompare’s real-time electricity calculator will help give you an idea.


Select the appliances you currently have switched on at home and the calculator will tell you roughly how much energy you’re using – and how much it’s costing you. Once you know what you’re spending on powering your home, you can work out what can be switched off to save money.

The calculator also demonstrates how the running costs add up over time, as the costs increase whilst you look at the page. It is hoped that the tool will encourage UK consumers to cut down on their energy usage and save themselves money.

You can check out the calculator here:

Whilst the cost per second will probably look pretty low, once a few seconds tick by you’ll begin to understand how the costs start to add up, I’m just going to switch off a few lightbulbs.


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