MoneyExpert: Credit Card Users Given Tips To Fight Fraud

Consumers who use debit or credit cards have been alerted to a number of tips from the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) to help tackle financial fraud.

The BBA states that although users have a “low” chance of being victims of card fraud, many people are not taking sufficient care to ensure that their personal details are kept safe.

Some tips offered by the financial body include shielding your hand when typing in a pin number, never keeping passwords or pin numbers written down and making sure there is adequate security software installed on a computer if you plan to shop online.

“The banks have a duty to protect their customers…but people have to take responsibility for their own security too,” said Angela Knight, chief executive designate of the BBA.

In related news, Apacs has found that overall levels of card fraud have fallen since the chip and pin system was implemented throughout the UK.

Mark Bowerman, spokesman for the UK payments association, said: “It’s definitely had a positive impact.

“Our cards are definitely safer than they were pre-chip and pin.”

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