Get Better Customer Service By Recording Your Calls

The Money Hospital has a tip to try to get better customer service, or to prove what was said in your phone calls to companies, by recording your calls.

We’re all used to hearing the line “your calls may be recorded for training purposes” before sitting in a queue of 30 callers whilst being told that “your call is important to them”. Why not turn the tables on them by letting them know you’ll be recording the call – see what level of service you get then.

You don’t even have to fork out for a tape recorder and rewire your phone these days – there are services which will do all of the recording and playback for you, all handled through the phone and on the web.

Whilst I think it would be a little paranoid to record all your calls, there coud be the odd occasion where you know the evidence might be useful, or where you’re recieving such lousy service you think it might give them a good kick up the bum. Remember, it is legal if you let them know upfront that they’re being recorded.
And whilst you’re at it, why not put them on hold for a few minutes and play them some pan-pipe versions of 60s pop hits whilst they wait – give them a taste of their own medicine.

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