Quidco Now Offer “In-store” Cashback

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Cashback site Quidco now gives you the ability to get cashback off products purchased in a limited number of high-street stores.

The new “in-store” service is currently available when making purchases in the following shops/outlets:

  • Sportsdirect
  • Halfords
  • Cineworld
  • Little Chef
  • The Green King Group
  • Austin Reed
  • Feather & Black
  • Direct Golf
  • Dorothy Perkins

As you can see, the list of stores is pretty short at the moment, so it will be interesting to see whether Quidco can get other retailers on board – if they do, then it could become very useful.

To take part in the service, you won’t need to use any special codes in the shops, but you will need to provide Quidco with your debit or credit card details (and remember to use them when buying your items, so that Quidco can match up the transactions with your account, and credit you with the cashback). This may put a few people off, although Quidco do try to reassure about the security issues in doing this:

We never ask you to provide the card expiry date or security code. This means that ‘cardholder not present’ (e.g. internet) transactions cannot be carried out with the data that we hold for you. Of course we do not know your PIN for high street transactions either.

Don’t forget, there are also several credit cards that give you cashback on all of your purchases, and these are worth looking at if you’re confident that you’ll pay off your balance in full every month (there’s little point getting a cashback credit card if you end up paying a load of interest on your credit card balance). You may also be able to get cashback from both Quidco and the credit card to double your saving.

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6 thoughts on “Quidco Now Offer “In-store” Cashback

  1. Quid co is pretty good, ive been using them for years but it does take a couple of weeks to get your money back. but I supose its free money so it doesnt really matter.

  2. Save even more money (better cashback rates than QuidCo) by using FutCash (http://www.futcash.co.uk), they offer cash back against online purchases. Joining the web site is free and a £2.50 bonus is given for new signups. If you refer your friends you can also get another £5.00 cash back bonus. Also, with the addition of voucher codes (listed on the site), you can save even more money on your online purchase.

  3. Better still is TopCashBack.co.uk – compare their features with Quidco here: http://www.topcashback.co.uk/quidco

    There is no credit cards to register, you just reserve and collect instead. TopCashBack is better as it’s free to use (no £5 subscription) they have much more merchants and the rates can be much better.

  4. A new cashback debit card service is being launched backed by Mastercard and its available UK wide. You get a minimum 1% back and as high as 27% though that is unusual. I think the average is about 5% but that’s still pretty good.

    They are recruiting agents UK wide at the moment and from what I have see its going to be massive. The way I understand it you link it to your normal debit card and use it to pay for stuff and get real cashback (not points) paid back into your card to spend as you like.

    Have a look at http://www.cashbackcard.com its free to sign up to the website and get 1% cashback from yoru existing debit card as well.

    All the best.


  5. Ive looked into a few of the websites and I think that http://www.quidco.com is the best. I find it the easiest to use as it does not have advertisements popping up and they really are not trying to sell you anything – just make you money on purchases you would have bought anyway!

    I found out that http://www.quidco.com have almost a million members so is the UKs biggest cashback and voucher codes site (the second biggest cashback site has around 600.000 members – almost half) This means that they are able to offer far more exclusive cashback, voucher code, printable voucher and instore cashabck deals.

    The in-store cashaback is great – the other day I had some cashback credited to my account that I was not expecting, because I had registered my card and used it in a green king pub for lunch!

    I know people are a little wary about registering their card for this sort of thing – but it really does work! I think offering in-store cashback as well as on-line cashback is a great idea – especially as more and more retailers are joining in !


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