Frugal Fun: Saving Money On Toilet Paper

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Here’s a frugal tip for saving money on toilet paper: make sure you hang it the right way.

According to this article, the way you hang toilet paper off the roll has a big effect on the amount of paper wasted.

Apparently, the best method is the “over-hang” configuration, which allows for great paper visibility but less chance of waste.

OK, I admit I saw that article and just had to fit it into a post related to personal finance somehow as a bit of fun, but if you’re an uber-frugalist, it might just be a tip you’ve never tried before that could take your money saving on to another level.

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One thought on “Frugal Fun: Saving Money On Toilet Paper

  1. I use the over hang method, but I was not doing it to consciously save money. I just think it is easier to reach that way.

    I wrote a post about toilet paper as well and I hope you go check it out.

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