Lloyds TSB Me

Lloyds TSB Me

Lloyds TSB is trying to generate some social media interest with a tool to create your own avatar which could be featured in a new advert.

The tool, called Lloyds TSB Me, lets you pick your virtual character’s features, such as hair, body and clothes, styled like their recent “For The Journey” TV ads. You can then enter your character into a competition to be in future advertising campaigns, as well as sharing it with your network of friends on the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In terms of social media involvement, it’s a little uninspiring, and I can’t imagine many wanting to share their creations with their online friends, but it may have some short-term appeal.

Lloyds also now have their own Youtube channel where you can view all of their TV adverts, if you like that sort of thing.

There’s no sign as yet of any official Lloyds TSB Twitter or Facebook accounts, for example, where you could actually interact with their staff, receive customer service, give feedback and suggest new ideas, and have a useful two-way conversation, which would be a better use of social media.

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  1. It going to be interesting to see how a bank is going to master social media. I have just tried it out and it’s a neat little app.It is odd however that I can only share the app and not actually the character that I created.

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