Mystery Shopping: Get Paid To Do Good Stuff


Here’s an idea for earning a little bit of money on the side, the best part being that you could actually earn the money whilst going shopping or doing something else you actually enjoy!

You’ve probably heard about mystery shopping, and it’s something that anyone can have a go at. Whilst you won’t necessarily be testing out holidays to the Carribean or trying on clothes in Harvey Nicholls, you might get the odd free pub meal or an overnight stay in a hotel. Ultimately the aim is for you to provide useful feedback to help improve customer service in the place you’re visiting.

How To Become A Mystery Shopper

In most cases you can sign up online, and get added to a list of possible shoppers. Some companies may require a telephone interview before allocating jobs to you. Here are a few companies employing mystery shoppers who are worth trying out:

Some mystery shopping assignments will take less than an hour, some may be virtually full-time. For some you may only need to make a phone call. A lot will come down to the luck of the draw, whether you’re in the right area or available for the right job, but you’ll probably be able to agree or decline to do a job when you get offered one.

You may get paid a fee for the job, or in some cases you may get to keep the items you have to buy as payment for your work.

Whilst it might sound like a easy thing to do, in reality, you’ll need to have a lot of concentration and be able to take in a lot of information, as this will have to be relayed back to your employer – remember they’re after an insight into the customer service you’ve received, and are not just paying for you to have a nice cheap night out.

If you’ve done any mystery shopping, I’d be interested in hearing about it and any stories you might have – why not share your experiences in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Mystery Shopping: Get Paid To Do Good Stuff

  1. I do various mystery shopping for grass roots and find it a useful way to make a bit of extra money. The ones I have done recently are for high street banks – you need to go in, make a few transactions and then fill in questionnaire about it. Money comes into your account within 2 weeks.

  2. Plenty more Mystery Shopper Jobs are available around the UK for anyone interested in finding out more information. The information provided is accurate however it is important to know it’s not something which will make you rich – always watch out for websites which ask you to pay to join without guaranteed work too!

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