Woolworths: (Up To) 50% Off

Soon to be a thing of the past?

Despite its well publicised woes (or perhaps because of), Woolworths is the latest retailer to have a pre-Christmas sale.

But don’t get too excited by the big 50% off signs in the window – this is an “up to” deal, so not everything is half price, most stock appears to be discounted by 10%-20%.

If that doesn’t put you off, if you’re reading this then you’re probably already too late to get your hands on the best stuff – the shelves in our local Woolworths are looking rather empty, with there apparently being little chance of them getting restocked – suppliers are unlikely to want to send stock to a store that’s about to go out of business.

Still tempted? Then be prepared to queue – the lines are like nothing I’ve seen before, even before Christmas in previous years. If they weren’t going bankrupt it would look like it was going to be a bumper Christmas for Woolies. Or at least it looks as if they are going to go bump with a bang. They probably want to clear as much stock off the shelves as they can before they’re finally shut down.

Also, one other gripe – their posters say that the recent VAT cut is included in the discount, with an exclamation mark at the end, suggesting this is an even better deal. I may be reading it incorrectly, but I would have thought a better deal for the customer would be if the VAT cut was on top of the sale price?

Creative Commons License photo credit: benleto

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