Recession Watch: Olan Mills Photographers Close Down

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The latest high-street victim of the recession is the photographer Olan Mills, which has shut its 34 photography studios across England and Wales.

The company ceased trading on Boxing Day – those people with vouchers for future photo shoots must now try to get a refund from the administrator. If you’ve paid by credit card you may be able to reclaim the money directly from your card provider, but for cash and debit card payments, the administrator is the only route to a refund. They can be written to at:

The Administrator
Olan Mills Photography
Waterside house
Station Road

Those who have already had their shoots and are awaiting photos will hopefully still receive them at some point during January, as the company will endeavour to meet these commitments (although I wouldn’t hold your breath). Again, any queries should be addressed to the administrator rather than the stores, which are all now shut.

The Olan Mills website has a few more FAQs which might be of use. The total numbers of jobs affected is currently unknown, although the studios could also be found within Mothercare stores, where 70 jobs are at risk.

Creative Commons License photo credit: tacoekkel

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