Earn Money Renting Out Your Stuff

Yesterday we mentioned a new website for comparing how much you can earn from selling your old mobile phone.

Today we have a new website which allows you to earn some money renting out your belongings, or save some money by renting out something you might otherwise buy.

Zilok is an online rental marketplace that allows anyone to rent anything to or from anyone in a few clicks! It is your online rental community in the UK.

For example, you might have some tools that you rarely use that may be of use to others for a weekend’s DIY, or you may wish to borrow a hedge trimmer for a couple of days to clear up a garden, but don’t want to pay as much as you would from a normal hire shop.

Rent Out Your Stuff

If you want to earn some money renting out your stuff, then you can register on Zilok for free, but listing your items will cost a fee (thanks to Jo at Zilok who got in touch to correct me – Zilok does not currently charge a listing fee). Zilok also take a proportion of the fee you charge the renter as their commission, although this is taken upfront as a deposit for the item. You get to choose the cost and the duration of the hire.

Renting Stuff From Other People

To find items to rent, you can enter your postcode and get shown a list of those in the local area, or search for a specific item and see where it could be rented from. This could be anything from tools for DIY or gardening, sports and leisure equipment or even electronics, such as video cameras or games consoles. You’ll pay the fee set by the item’s owner, which will also include Zilok’s retainer (where they make their money).

Find out more about how Zilok works for both “owners” and renters.

In both cases, you will need to agree to a contract that will hopefully ensure the safety of your items and your transaction. Following the transaction, you will be able to evaluate either the owner or renter, which will build up their reputation and help them in future transactions, much like eBay seller and buyer reputations work.

At the moment, there seems to be little coverage for items outside of the UK’s major cities, but given time this should improve if people find it a useful service.

As well as the UK, Zilok is also available in the United States, France, Belgium and the Netherlands (and from some of the wording used on the site, it looks as if it’s run from abroad).

I’d be interested in hearing the thoughts of any Zilok users – what have your experiences been? Let us know in the comments below.

20 thoughts on “Earn Money Renting Out Your Stuff

  1. i’ve started using it a month or so ago and it is not bad, especially when you live in london. it’s a bit tricky at the beginning to trust people with yoru stuff, but i’m getting used to the face to face meetings and it’s worth the cash you make…
    they haven’t charged me any listing fees though. Might be that I was lucky, or maybe they charge me later…?

  2. Thanks Manuela,

    Zilok have been in touch to correct me about the listing fees – they do not currently charge for this, so putting your items on there is essentially free. I’ve updated the post above to make reference to this.

  3. Apologies for the error on Zilok’s FAQ page that led to Rob’s mistaken comment on a listing fee.
    All is fixed now; you can join and put your stuff out for rent, no costs, no commitment!

  4. I have not heard of Zilok before but I like the concept especially in these current economic times. I typed my postcode in though and although in got me in the same town it was a little off with my location. Does this make sense for the renter and rentee(?) does the renter make money and does the rentee get quality in return. I realise you say this is available in different countries is a success over there.

  5. the location software is managed by googlemaps so it sometimes is a bit off, apologies for that (although we’re quite happy google provides that kind of tool).
    We call the members renters and owners (though i like rentee as a new term!), and it brings value to both of them jsut as eBay brings value to sellers and buyers… renters can choose to rent from someone very close to them, or travel further to get better quality. That’s why it is so improtant to rate renters and items after each rental…
    The owner always makes money directly from the transaction. but he can always decide to decline if he doesn’t trust the renter, or has seocnd thoughts about it.
    the fist rental is a new experience, but most members say that once you’re past it, it’s all great fun.

    it’s a big success in france, and if the frogs can make use of it, we should be able to master it…

  6. Alternatively have you seen http://www.uShare.co.uk. Similar only it works on a points system so you don’t have to pay to lend or borrow items. uShare means there’s no need to buy something you may only need to use once. Simply borrow it, use it and return it. You could also save money and help the environment! Have a look http://www.ushare.co.uk

  7. john, the site is reported as an attack site so i didn’t dare going inot it…
    do you eman people jsut land thigns to each other for no money?
    it is a very admirable concept, though I have my doubts about people adopting it… renting and sharing are defintiely the way forward to avoid waste and be nicer to the environment, let’s just hope people can trust each other with no money involved!

  8. Thanks Jo – John, Jo is right, in Google Chrome uShare comes up as having malware, although Internet Explorer does load the site. I’m not sure what can be done about that but it will definitely put some people off.

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