0800Buster: Free 0800 Calls From Your Mobile

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This particular little tip has popped up on a few websites over the last few days, but it’s probably worth repeating here.

As you’re hopefully aware, although 0800 telephone numbers are free to call from landlines, this isn’t the case from mobile phones, on which you could end up paying between 10p and 20p per minute.

But now there is a sneaky way round these charges, and its name is 0800Buster.

This is how it works:

No registration or set-up is necessary, and the service is completely free*. Just dial 01241 22 0800, enter the full free-phone number you want to call at the prompt, then press #—it’s that simple!

The only caveat is that for this to be free, you must receive free minutes on your monthly mobile tariff (and of course, have some minutes left).

Although it sounds a little dubious, as yet there appear to be few complaints about the service, other than from the mobile providers themselves who probably aren’t too happy about it – they may try to block some of the landline numbers 0800Buster provides, but as these are constantly changing, this shouldn’t be a big problem. You could add the number to your mobile if you wish, so that it’s always available.

The service works on 0800, 0808 and 0500 numbers, but not 0845 or 0870 numbers.

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  1. I have an android mobile, and i downloaded “0800 free minutes”. Automatically intercepts and redirects calls throught the 0800 buster service. So easy to save money!

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