Get Free Stuff For Cheaper Children

Noa 09.05.09

According to a recent survey by, the average cost of raising a child to their first birthday is a staggering £18,000.

Now we know by now that averages can hide a massive differences (in this case the spread between thes high and low amounts spent on the child), indeed, geographically, there’s a huge difference between the £27,000 spent by parents in the North West in the first year, compared with the £13,000 average spend by parents in the North East.

But even at £13,000, that’s an awful lot for a family to find, especially if they’re  already struggling for money, or worried about their job security.

So how can you reduce the cost of bringing up a baby? Walletpop has a few ideas, including getting free nappies, baby milk and eventually baby food.

Whilst you might not avoid some of the more costly larger purchases, such as a cot or pushchair, cutting down on these regularly purchased items can add up, so finding freebies can be a great help. It will also give new mums something to do in between watching Jeremy Kyle and napping.

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