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I’ve recently taken my own advice and to earn £60 cashback on a new iPhone, and I thought I’d post a couple of thoughts on the process.

To get £60 back, you have to buy the phone by going through the cashback site Quidco, and you must then use their link to Mobiles.co.uk.

It’s important to follow Quidco’s advice to ensure that your application can be tracked by them, otherwise you could find that you go through the process and fail to see your cashback show up at the end.

Having followed their advice, the application process through Mobiles.co.uk was quite straight-forward, but watch out for the added insurances that you’ll need to cancel within the first month if you do not wish to end up paying for these.

I was quite pleased to see my cashback turn up in my Quidco account even before my iPhone arrived. At one point, Mobiles.co.uk left a message on my phone to discuss delivery, and I was unable to get through to their customer service department on the numbers they provided (the phone just rang out and eventually cut off, despite several attempts), which was a little disconcerting. Luckily their automated emails kept me informed about the status of my application and the despatch / delivery details.

Sadly, the delivery was let down by the Royal Mail, who delivered my phone to a neighbour but failed to put a card through my door to tell me where it was. Happily the neighbour in question brought the package round the next day so there was no real problem, but this could have been a potential issue had they not have been so honest.

As I’ve now generated more than £5 in commissions through Quidco, they’ll now taken their annual membership fee of £5 out of my account, which is fair enough, meaning the remaining £55 plus any other cashback I generate until my anniversary of joining Quidco is all mine.

Overall, the experience was pretty good and surprisingly quick (7/10).

2 thoughts on “£60 Cashback On iPhone

  1. Hmm, it is tempting to go down this route (and I’ll use your link if I do ;) )

    I got burned by cashback on a mobile a few years ago (partly my own fault) so I’m hesitant however. I’m also already with O2, so it probably isn’t an option.

    Yes, I am still prevaricating over buying an iPhone! ;)

    Any sign of buyer’s remorse at your end?

  2. If you want the £60 cashback you’ll have to go the Quidco route (sadly, I have no affiliate links for them here. I am a mobiles.co.uk affiliate, but you wouldn’t get any cashback through one of those links. I would!).

    Only regret I’ve had is that I’ve also got a phone on Orange and there’s now some rumours that they might have the iPhone from October.

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