What Have You Given Up In The Recession?

23 feb 2007

Some research by shopping reward website ipoints.co.uk suggests that us Brits haven’t been willing to give up many of our luxuries during the recession.

Some of the treats that we’re stilling coughing up for are our annual holidays, playing the lottery and weekly takeaways.

This got me thinking about what luxuries or treats that we’ve cut out. I don’t think we’ve really gone without very much on smaller items (maybe cut down here and there, downbranded a little and done some more comparison shopping), but the major thing would be moving from being a 2-car family to having just one car. We had also been talking about getting a new kitchen and knocking through to our lounge, but this costly work has been put on hold for the moment.

Have you cut any luxuries or treats out since the recession hit? What can you not possibly do without? Let us know in the comments below.

Creative Commons License photo credit: msspider66

2 thoughts on “What Have You Given Up In The Recession?

  1. I have delayed setting up one of my ludicrously expensive and achilles-heel-like saltwater aquariums. Like Moneymonk I’m probably eating out less too, though I’m eating better inside.

    Overall I run my finances pretty independently of the economy I think.

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