Brits Refuse To Cut Back On Technology

Yesterday I asked what you’ve given up during the recession, with the news that us Brits have been reluctant to give up on our luxuries, such as holidays and lottery tickets.

It also seems that we’re unwilling to do without technology – research from Ofcom suggests we are actually more likely to cut back on holidays and home improvements than we are to cut back on our mobile phones and television subscriptions. I guess this could be a knock-on effect of people staying at home more.

I’d have to concur with the research – I can hardly say I’ve been cutting back on technology when I’ve just forked out for an iPhone that I don’t really need, although we have been talking about cutting back on Sky TV, although that’s more for our sanity rather than to cut costs.

2 thoughts on “Brits Refuse To Cut Back On Technology

  1. I guess it depends what “technology” you are buying – I buy technology for my business because I need to – the existing kit becomes obsolete or worn out – therefore I replace it and look to the longer term.

    I guess (!) that most tech stuff is bought by “younger” people, for whom this recession in some cases, judging by Bristol city centre on Friday and Saturday night, does not exist!

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