7 Unusual Tips For A Value Wedding


Following the experience of 2 weddings in a weekend, Monevator has posted seven unusual ideas for a better value wedding.

Speaking from my own recent wedding experience (which I’ve actually failed to post much about from a money perspective), these are some good ideas.

The first idea (save for your wedding first) isn’t particularly mind blowing, but it is increasingly unusual. Much like marriage itself, it takes dedication and patience. It’s an amazing statistic that the average wedding debt lasts 16 years, with the average marriage just 11 years. Those 5 extra years of loan payments must be pretty depressing.

It obviously helps if parents are able to help out with paying for the wedding.

Another idea for keeping the cost of your wedding down is to be flexible with the day and date that you get married on. Getting wed on a Friday is likely to be cheaper in terms of the venue and other suppliers (although some guests might not be too happy about having to take the day off work), also, outside the wedding-crazy summer season is likely to be cheaper too – why not go for a winter white wedding?

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One thought on “7 Unusual Tips For A Value Wedding

  1. Glad you found the article interesting Rob, and thanks for the link.

    Regarding getting married on a Friday, this is one of those tricky ones.

    It might be cheaper for you, but if you have say 100 working guests who have to take the day off, it could easily cost your party £10,000 – £20,000 in lost earnings!

    Might be better to ask them all to chip in! ;-)

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