More Car Boot Sale Tips

Tetsworth Car boot sale

We mentioned a couple of weeks ago that our previous post featuring car boot sale tips was getting a fair bit of traffic, so here are few more tips.

On the previous post, commentor Charlie had these gems:

  • Don’t bother with electrical items – it’s very difficult to sell them, you’ll do better on Ebay with it’s safer selling system.
  • Offer a bowl of water for dogs in hot weather and put a big sign up advertising it.
  • Don’t put huge cuddly toys on your stall – they don’t sell and parents will actually walk their families past your stall quicker to avoid being nagged.

Bitterwallet also recently posted some information on your consumer rights at markets and car boot sales. Obviously, it can be difficult to return broken or faulty items to a car boot seller – good luck in trying to find them:

In summary, your rights when buying secondhand goods theoretically hold up whether you buy from a legitimate secondhand dealer or from a private individual. In reality, getting a refund or replacement may be extremely difficult because of the low probability you’ll be able to track down a person you saw at a car boot sale or flea market.

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  3. When selling at a car boot sale, i always find all of the good stuff being sold before ive had a chance to set up due to the very early morning buyers rummaging through all the boxes when im trying to set up. So once you reach your pitch remove your paste table (or whatever your using) then close up your car again and tell them your not ready to sell yet. I have found most of the buyers that crowd around your car when you first arrive are actually buyers themselves looking for bargains to sell on their own stalls for a profit.

  4. Whilst I wouldn’t class myself as an experienced car-booter (it requires too many cold, early mornings in a field for my liking), this page giving the tips I would suggest new booters need to consider before packing up your car and heading out to make your fortune

  5. Also I would like to add with the previous tips that, selling books and VHS became very difficult too. Even if you offer them for 10p each people just walk past unless they are an avid reader and found their favourite author in the first glance at your stall.

    Household items (if they are exceptionally cheap) are a big winner!

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