Vote For The “Worst Company In Britain”

Bitterwallet are running their annual “Worst Company In Britain” anti-competition, and are looking for nominations:

There’s countless reasons why you might nominate a company – rotten customer service, cack-headed pricing, shoddy packaging or delivery… maybe you just don’t like their logo. Whoever it is who has got your goat, let us know (preferably telling us why as well) and we’ll cull the nominations down to a more manageable list shortly. Then, the voting will commence.

Last year’s winner was Setanta, and look what happened to them.

One obvious nomination would go to Money4Gold (150 comments and counting on that post), but it looks like Orange, Virgin Media and nPower are already receiving quite a few nominations, and Royal Mail are trying their hardest for a late entry, with more strikes planned for the end of the week/start of next week.

So get on over to BitterWallet and vote for your worst company of the year.

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