Don’t Lose Money To These Restaurant Tricks

Restaurant tricks

Even at the best of times, running a restaurant is a tricky business, and many fail to remain open longer than a year or two. And when times are bed, even more restaurants are likely to be struggling as many of us stay at home to save money during the recession.

If you are lucky enough to go out for a nice meal, MoneyMagpie has a few tips to avoid their sneaky tricks to get you to spend more money.

The article looks at many ways in which restaurants try to get the most money out of their customers, such as drinks; most of us know that buying wine in restaurants is just a way for them to line their pockets, but it’s usually more cost effective to buy it by the bottle rather than the glass (that’s not an excuse to get blotto, it’s good to share!).

Set menus are also cunningly put together to make us think we’re getting a good deal, when that may not be the case:

Generally speaking, if you were to order the cheapest items on the set menu, you will be charged more than if you were to order the items individually from the normal menu – typically around £1.50 more. But most of the dishes on the set menu will offer you good value for money – you just need to be sure that you pick them!

You’ll also find some information on getting the best tables at the cheapest deals. So enjoy your work’s Christmas meals (if you’re lucky enough to still have a job!), but keep an eye open for all of these restaurant tricks.

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