iPhone Coming Soon To Tesco

iPhone from Tesco?

Hold that decision on whether you should get an iPhone with o2 or Orange; there’s shock news that Tesco is also going to be offering it, and they’re hoping that it will be available before Christmas.

Tesco Mobile is actually not a network in itself, but is a venture with… o2!

When it was announced that Orange was going to get the iPhone, there were hopes a price war may ensue. That failed to happen as the tariffs and handset costs were largely the same. Now that Tesco will be stocking the phone, there’s probably more likelihood of discounts, possibly more in the cost of the handsets than the monthly tariffs though. They may decide to offer some stripped down versions of the normal 02 tariffs to appeal to the lower end of the market, but we’ll wait until the tariffs are released to see just how competitive they are.

The phones will be available from the Tesco website and from 80 in-store phone shops.

There’s not a lot more information available as yet, but you can sign up to receive more information when it becomes available.

Will it kill off the iPhone’s cool factor? Possibly:

So will Tesco kill the iPhone’s cool? Yes, but only if you’re the sort of person who can’t enjoy a product if mere mortals can buy it, too. And if you are that kind of person, that ship has already sailed: since when was an O2 shop or a Carphone Warehouse an exclusive, high-end retail destination?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Gonzalo Baeza Hernández

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