Today Only! Apple Store Slightly Less Expensive

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Apple are running a one-day sale online and in its stores today (27th November) but you still won’t find the best deals on all of its products.

For example, Apple have wiped off a “massive” £7 off the new 8GB iPod Nano, taking them down to £108, but you can get the same iPod at Amazon for around £105 , and you won’t have to do it today, as they’ve been that price for at least the past two weeks.

If you fancy a slightly more advanced iPod, the 8GB iPod Touch is slightly cheaper than the Amazon price, again, that’s only for today, as the price at the Apple store will go back up at midnight tonight. The 32GB version is still cheaper at Amazon,  but the 64GB iPod Touch is actually £17 cheaper at Apple today.

The moral here? Apple is cool, but they’re not cheap, and they’re certainly not the cheapest when shopping direct.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Vinni123

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