Google Finance Goes Mobile

Google Mobile Blog has announced that they’ve made some changes to Google Finance to make it more accessible on iPhone/Android phones.

The markets don’t stop when you leave your desk, so we’re bringing the markets to you. Our new design gives you a unified experience across desktop and Android or iPhone phones, offering nearly all the same features and functionality on both. You can easily access the new site when you do a Google search for stock tickers or company names on your mobile device, or when you tap the “Finance” tab on the Google mobile homepage.

Google Finance allows you to track the rise and fall of your stocks and shares as well as offering the latest market news and information about companies listed on the various stockmarkets around the world.

The mobile site does do a good job of presenting similar content to the desktop site, although the cool interactive charts available in the desktop site are sadly missing, replaced with simple graphs. The biggest improvement is the layout, now giving all of the information in one column, which is far easier to navigate than when trying to use the desktop version on a mobile previously.

iPhone Screenshots

Here’s the Google Finance homepage on the iPhone:

Google Finance Mobile 3

The market summary shows the latest prices and movements for the major UK markets:

Google Finance Mobile 2

And if you click the market (or it could be an equity or unit trust fund) you’re interested in, you’ll be shown more detailed information on the item in question:

Google Finance Mobile

Android App

As well as the new changes to the Google Finance website, there’s also an Android app available in the Android market, although there’s currently no sign of the equivalent iPhone app.

3 thoughts on “Google Finance Goes Mobile

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  2. Google Finance Mobile is the worst financial site on the web.
    Please give me back the Google Finance Desktop version for my iPhone, please.

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