Mobile Accountz Lite iPhone App

Accountz, a firm which develops accountancy software for PC, Mac & Linux, has just released its first iPhone application, Mobile Accountz Lite.

The app, which currently costs £2.99 from iTunes, enables you to record your daily spending and track your various account balances without using the Internet. The software is compatible with all existing Accountz software, including Home, Business, and Personal Accountz.

Where this differs from other similar iPhone apps is the ability to pre-load your accounts onto the app using a CSV file.

Here are some screenshots of the app:

Mobile Accountz Lite

Mobile Accountz Lite

Mobile Accountz Lite

Mobile Accountz Lite

This app probably comes into its own when used with Accountzs’ existing suite of software. As a standalone app, it’s simple to use, but lacks some of the sophistication of other similar apps (e.g. Pageonce). The upload feature is a nice little touch, and because it doesn’t link to your bank accounts, there is little cause for concern bout security.

But I’m not sure of the longevity of manual transaction trackers – for me, the security risks of allowing such apps access to bank login details is the payoff for automatic updating of accounts and transaction tracking.

The name of the app suggests there might be a more fully-featured app to come in the future.

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