Google Business Photos

Google Business Photos

Google has launched a new service which it hopes will help them show even more detail on businesses in their search results and map listings.

Do you own a business? Apply today for a Google photo shoot of your business. Millions of potential customers visit Google every day to learn about places and businesses. Through scheduled photo shoots, Google is introducing a new way for you to showcase your business to the world.

Google is currently setting up photos shoots in businesses in the US, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, but business owners in London can upload their images via Google Places.

They’re primarily interested in the types of business they know are searched for regularly, such as hotels, restaurants and retail stores.

Here’s a video explaining more about the service:

So not content with taking pictures of all of our streets, Google are now trying to get inside our businesses. What next, our homes?

This will probably be of some use to those businesses where image is everything (such as hotels), but for others it is unlikely to be important. It will be interesting to see how well it scales – whilst getting business owners to upload their own photos is easy enough for Google to do, it appears to be keen on getting its own photographers into businesses, which will be time consuming and costly.

What do you think of this new service from Google? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Many businesses have not gotten the memo about owning a website, some seem to see it as more of a major cost than an investment. For those who can’t put up the money to get a website, Google Places is a great option. Thanks for sharing this information.


    John Vender

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