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Whether you’re choosing a bank account for the first time or looking to switch to a better account, a new website has launched which aims to help us compare all of the major bank accounts.

Bankquet‘s simple interface allows you to quickly filter the list of accounts, and compare monthly fees, their branch networks and customer service scores, amongst other things. On the first load of the page you’re presented with the full list, but there are a couple of simple categories, such as mainstream and student accounts, to narrow down the list with a single click.

At all stages, you can click-through to the relevant page on the bank’s website.

The data is pulled from a range of sources, including the Which?, the Office of Fair Trading and annual reports.

Bankquet claim to be different to other bank account comparisons:

  • Independent, impartial and transparent about where the data comes from
  • Includes things that often get missed, like bank branches
  • Present everything clearly and simply on a single, interactive page

In truth, it might be a little too simplistic to choose your ideal bank account directly from the site – you’re probably going to need to click through to a few of the providers’ sites to make a more informed decision; for example, whilst the site tells you which accounts pay interest, you can’t see how much interest, there’s no indication of what these are without clicking-through, so it can’t really be used to make a final decision.

But in its current form, it’s a great starting place for your research into a new bank account. It’s refreshingly free of advertising too.


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