UK Personal Finance Twitter Accounts

Karen over at Help Me To Save has started a Peer Index list of UK personal finance Twitter accounts, to help you keep up with latest tweets about money from UK-based personal finance writers on Twitter:

The list provides a good starting point for staying abreast on personal finance on Twitter, but there are a few accounts which need adding, such as Martin Lewis/MoneySavingExpert for starters, as well as numerous finance journalists, like Paul Lewis from the BBC’s Money Box radio programme.

3 thoughts on “UK Personal Finance Twitter Accounts

  1. Thanks for highlighting my UK Personal Finance Tweeters list. I’ve added your suggestions. If anyone would like to be added to the list, please tweet me @HelpMeToSave.

  2. These people and sites are respected in their field—be it credit, housing, or retirement—tweet often, and have developed a following on Twitter, thanks to their razor-sharp insight. Great list! I am following most of them and really enjoy their tweets – but thanx for the ones I didn’t have!

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