First Look At BankSimple

The much-hyped internet-only US bank of the future (because it doesn’t yet exist) BankSimple has given a sneek peak into the way it will look.

Whilst we got a glimpse of some BankSimple screenshots last month, including an iPad app, the video below shows how they’re intending on using a clean and intuitive internet banking experience (dare we say, the Apple of banking?) as well as some unique ideas, such as their “Safe To Spend” balance, and innovative search techniques, to help them differentiate from the established banks.

BankSimple have a lot to do to convince real people to give them their actual money, as whilst we can wax lyrical about great looking user interfaces, they also have to gain trust from their customers in terms of service and security.

One thought on “First Look At BankSimple

  1. Interesting. When all the other banks have performed so poorly, can this really be worse? Could the UK gov not just open its own bank and have done. Something more functional that National Savings (of India)

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