Nationwide ATM To Appear In Coronation Street

Coronation Street
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Nationwide Building Society is to become the first brand to use product placement in a primetime TV show.

Since the rules on product placement were relaxed earlier in the year, we’ve been waiting to see which financial brands would somehow manage to shoehorn their products into a TV show.

Whilst there hasn’t been a stampede of advertisers looking to do product placement, Nationwide has now struck a deal with ITV to provide a branded ATM for Dev’s corner shop, replacing an unbranded ATM on November 14th. The deal is expected to last for an initial 4 months.

Whilst this is a break through for product placement advertising, it’s not the most exciting use of it; we’d like to have seen Tyrone struggling to pay back his Wonga loan or Roy trying to buy one of Betty’s (RIP) hotpots with his Barclaycard.

Any programs featuring product placement will have to show the following before and after to make viewers aware of the advertising content of the show:

Product placement

Can you think of any more possible product placements for financial products? Let us know in the comments below.

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