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Update 11th April 2012: HSBC have released their Fast Balance app for iPhone.

Whilst HSBC Business banking customers have had their own iPhone app for a while, there’s never been an official HSBC app for personal banking clients, although there were some unreliable workarounds to allow you to access your HSBC account on your iPhone.

However, that might soon change, as HSBC has now started taking signups for a new “Fast Balance” app. There’s very little detail given, but if you leave your mobile number, they’ll text you a link when it becomes available:

Fast Balance is a mobile application that allows you to check your current account balance on the go.

That’s all the information given at this stage, but it sounds as if it will initially be a very simple app just for checking your current account balance, without any other functionality, such as transfers. Rumour has it that it might give you access to view your last few transactions too, which would really be the minimum you’d want from an app.

It would also appear that the app will be available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones.

4 thoughts on “HSBC Fast Balance App

  1. I’ve been using the HSBC business app on my iPhone for some time now. Glad to see they’ve finally made an app for personal banking!

    Hope it’s as good as the latest NatWest app, but I doubt it!

  2. Fast balance, it doesn’t sound very good, if you have an iPhone you can already check your balance easy as they have implememted a mobile site when logging on and checking your balace. The main things I want in the app are future transactions, pending, recent transactions but most importantly, making payments!

    I have been thinking weather to change my bank to natwest as I need the app and hate that calculator thing you need to log in! If this new app only shows your balance I shall say good bye to HSBC and take my £350,000 savings with me lol

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