M&S To Trial Mobile Payment App

Marks & Spencer is to start trialling its own mobile payment app, which to begin with will allow customers to choose and pay for items in select M&S coffee shops.


M&S appears to be partnering with mobile payments app Paddle (shown above) in order to enable this new functionality:

Paddle is the quickest way to securely pay online and on the mobile web. Your card details are encrypted and stored in the cloud along with your delivery addresses so you’ll never have to type them in again.

Here’s Paddle in action, showing an impressively quick online payment (apparently, it’s not a shortened sequence in the video, either):

Via the Independent.

4 thoughts on “M&S To Trial Mobile Payment App

  1. Hi Rob

    This is really interesting – I have quite an interest in technology as well as finance and think its great to see retailers embracing technology for consumers. Personally I’d definitely try this as a payment method.

    great post – thanks for sharing!


  2. It is amazing how mobile we have become. We can now pay on the go, send money on the go, etc. Brick and mortar are becoming less and less relevant. It would be nice if employers would continue to embrace working from home. It seems they are pulling back from this idea.

  3. It won’t be long until everyone is doing this, I feel sorry for those people who don’t have or want a mobile phone (there must be millions, especially the older generation) who will still have to fiddle round in their pockets looking for coins while we ‘new-be’s’ slip straight through using our iphone 12’s.

  4. It is definitely a pathbreaking step by Marks & Spencer. The British multinational retail giant has followed in the footsteps of other multinationals which have successfully introduced mobile payment apps including Starbucks, Google Wallet, Square Wallet, PayPal, Groupon and VeriFone SAIL. All of these are cloud-based mobile payments which ensure both security and promptness. Once again, kudos to M&S!

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