Online Banking: What To Do If It Goes Wrong

There have been quite a few high profile cases of online banking going wrong over the last year, including the problems faced by RBS & Natwest and more recently Nationwide.

In a lot of cases, losing access to your online banking accounts can be an annoyance more than anything, but there’s also a chance downtime at your bank could mean extra cost and inconvenience for you. has posted a useful article on your rights when online and mobile banking goes wrong, including how to claim compensation and how to complain.

They also have tips on switching your accounts to another bank, although with the nature of IT issues, no bank can guarantee they’ll be available 100% of the time, but some may be better at communicating to clients when there are problems, whilst others may offer better guarantees and compensation arrangements.

One thought on “Online Banking: What To Do If It Goes Wrong

  1. There are many reason why I believe that good thing about online bank out weigh the bad thing about online banking. Yes, there is many reason at online banking can be bad, like getting your bank accounts hacked into. Before online banking people were scared that people would rob a bank and take all the information and money, and now banks have top protection to make sure people can not rob banks anymore. Today, with online banking it make it ten times easier to rob someone.

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