Pageonce Renamed “Check”

Account aggregator and bill payment app Pageonce has been renamed to “Check“.

Check (formerly Pageonce)

In a blog post on their website, CEO Guy Goldstein explained the rational behind the change:

When we launched in 2008, Pageonce made sense because our focus was to give people a way to access all their online accounts (email, rewards, travel, etc.) from “one page.” Since then, we’ve evolved into a mobile app that focuses on personal finance – offering a unique way to stay on top of your bills & money while on-the-go. Given the evolution of our product, a new name was necessary.

Despite the name change, the app will remain the same. It’s been a couple of years since we reviewed Pageonce Check, so it would probably be a good time to take another look.

Here’s a promo video explaining more about Check:

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