Vouchercloud Deals; Relevant, Aggregated Daily Deals

Email inboxes overrun with daily deals notifications from a variety of sites are set to be cleaned up with the launch of ‘vouchercloud deals’; a new notification service available from the discount site which only notifies consumers when daily deals go live that are specific to their registered interests and chosen location, available through a variety of the largest daily deal and group discount sites in the UK.


Launched today, vouchercloud deals allows bargain-hunters to register their specific interests when it comes to daily deal offerings. Users can register their interests via the vouchercloud site, selecting what specific types of daily deals they’d be interested in hearing about in chosen locations in the UK; e.g. ‘restaurant deals in London.’ vouchercloud deals will then notify users about all deals currently available from daily deal sites according to their specific interests- collating all available in just one email per day.

vouchercloud, the UK’s largest money saving brand, teamed up with daily deals collation site Buyometric to launch vouchercloud deals; integrating a white-label version of Buyometric’s service into the vouchercloud website in order to provide the means through which the daily deals are collated and sent on to registered users. Users will be notified of relevant deals available from Buyometric’s partnered sites, including the likes of Groupon, Livingsocial, Travelzoo and Secret Escapes.

The new deals service from vouchercloud aims to help bargain-hunters in the UK clean up their email inboxes, many of which are regularly bombarded by irrelevant daily deals offerings from a variety of well-known sites. By collating all relevant deals into one email, users are able to keep on top of all daily deals on offer of interest to them- ultimately making the deals of greater attraction to purchase.

vouchercloud deals will initially be available in the UK, and if successful, plans for expansion internationally will be set in motion.Initially launched as a web service, vouchercloud deals is planned to migrate to a mobile offering in the new year.

Matthew Wood of vouchercloud said the following about the new vouchercloud deals service:

“Whilst daily and group buying deals have truly revolutionised the discount industry, many shoppers get extremely frustrated with the sheer number of emails sent by these sites on a daily basis- many of which are completely irrelevant to their interests. That’s where we step in- by partnering with Buyometric, we have developed an email service that only lets you know when a deal that’s relevant to you crops up; freeing up your email inbox and ultimately making you more likely to purchase. vouchercloud deals aims to make finding the best daily deals easier than ever, and will stop shoppers tearing their hair out when they receive notifications about hair removal in Edinburgh- if they’re a bloke from London! With this new service, there really is no need to subscribe to all deals sites individually- we will bring you all the relevant deals you need, without bombarding your inbox.”

Paul Fisher of Buyometric added:

“In Buyometric we have created the most intelligent deals aggregation platform currently available because of a genuine desire to help people manage their time and their inbox. We are delighted that through vouchercloud deals we are able to make this solution available to a much larger number of UK consumers.”

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