MoneyExpert: Raid Your Current Account, Not Your Savings

Overspending on current accounts has been identified by 23 per cent of people as the reason why they had to dip into their savings.

According to new research from Birmingham Midshires, the most common cause of having to access savings was due to the cost of booking a holiday or mini-break, with 40 per cent stating this reason.

The Saving Britain campaign found that, in total, people spent an average of £1,897 from their savings account from July to September 2006.

However, Jason Robinson, director of savings operations for Birmingham Midshires, suggested that putting money aside for any surprise bills or payments may prevent people overspending.

A suitable current account could provide people with a method of keeping money close by and easy to access, instead of withdrawing from savings accounts, which often incur a fee and notice period.

Birmingham Midshires became part of the Halifax group in 1999 and conducts its Saving Britain report quarterly.

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