Holiday Reading Book Reviews

You may remember that a few weeks ago I asked for you recommendations for some holiday reading with a personal or general finance theme.

I only got one suggestion (“The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need” by Andrew Tobias), so I decided to see what the book stores at the airport could offer (I know, hardly the cheapest place to be buying books).

In between the non-celebrity biographies and trashy novels I did manage to find a couple that looked promising, so over the next couple of days I’ll be reviewing the 2 books that I decided to buy, which were:

  • The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford
  • The Economic Naturalist by Robert H Frank

OK, so you can probably tell they’re both written about a pretty similar subject (economics!), but it makes it quite interesting to review them together and compare them.

Sorry, Plonkee, I didn’t get round to reading Rich Dad Poor Dad on this holiday – maybe I’ll get chance next year ;).

As an aside, I did buy a third book, Wikinomics, which I only made it part way through before flying home. Having enjoyed reading whilst on holiday, I’m hoping to do more now that I’m home.

Look out for the book reviews in the next couple of days.

Read my review of The Economic Naturalist by Robert H Frank.

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