Happy Birthday! Cheques 350 Today

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According to the BBC, the humble cheque hits 350 years old today, and despite a gradual decline in use, is unlikely to completely disappear for quite a few years to come.

Those aged in their 20s don’t know what a chequebook is, and those in their 30s don’t know where their chequebook is…

In this article, the BBC discusses the innovation in payment technology, including contactless debit cards, where payments of up to £10 can be made without a signature or PIN, and payment by mobile phone, either through special chips embedded in them or by text, with the payment being added to your bill.

Creative Commons License photo credit: CarbonNYC

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday! Cheques 350 Today

  1. Happy birthday and Goodbye Mr Cheque-Book you will soon be extinct like the dodo. The future really is electronic and soon we will be using our mobile phones to pay for goods and services. We will probably be saying ‘bon voyage’ to the credit card, debit card and store card as well in the near future. The iris of our eyes, voice recognition and our finger prints will soon be our signature for the acceptance of payments. Global currency could well have returned to gold, who really knows what the future holds.

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