Zeezaw: Find Savings On Amazon


The interestingly named Zeezaw is a new website that monitors Amazon for price changes and aims to notify you when the item matches your chosen price:

All you do is type into Zeezaw how much you ARE prepared to pay and as soon as that item comes within your budget, you are immediately sent an e-mail from the Zeezaw team and then you are then just a couple of clicks away from buying something they really want and you can afford.

Such sites are quite common in the US, but Zeezaw considers itself as the UK’s first “price drop” website, having launched back in September.

It’s particularly useful around Christmas when you can see your friends and family’s Amazon wishlists and get alerted when the price drops to a level that you’re comfortable with. I’d suggest that you’re realistic about the prices you want to pay though, as you might be asking a bit much to get a 90% discount on a PlayStation 3 – it might be worth setting up an alert for, say, 5% off the initial price – once that’s reached, decide whether the price is low enough, if not, drop the alert by another 5% and sit and wait.

Zeezaw is free to use – they take a small amount on each purchase that you make – this doesn’t alter the price you pay, they’re effectively being paid by Amazon for each transaction.

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